Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free bets ( blog no 5)

I played the £50.00 freeze out on Tuesday at Teesside. Disappointing turnout this week as only 37 runners. Made the final but with only 7 prizes so 8th place finish for me was odds on! Luckily survived the bubble prize and finished 5th for £120.00 accumulating a £65.00 profit really enjoyed this final, it had plenty of play & to prove this when there was 7 players left it took about a hour to knock one player out. There were no major incidents really to discuss but over all a profit is a profit. I felt maybe I have at last broken the 10th -15th spell that has been apparent this year.
Friday I played the 10.00 rebuy at Teeside. As expected the numbers were down due to the Liverpool leg of the Gala poker tour. This is the first leg i have missed this year due to a pre booked holiday. With a total spend of £30.00 and a reasonable chip stack at the end of the rebuy and only 50 odd players to get through felt maybe the hoodoo was about to be broken.
I reached the final just below average chips and what followed was the shortest final I have played. Here are the hands.
(1) Dealt 8 3 pass
(2) Dealt AK raise no callers.
(3) Dealt QQ raise then get the funniest speech play of someone I have ever heard before
Don't think you can raise every hand on here m8 I know you have nowt your just a bully my Friend was here a couple of weeks ago and he said you raise with shite, I,m all in now what you going to do lets see you call that. I tell him i,m calling and i know your hand. He asks me to name his hand and i reply tens or jacks as i turn over my queens. He sheepishly turns over 10 10. A ten on the flop sends me out. The parting shot was its better to be good than lucky (think he should of reversed that quote). LOL
Taking the Friday night stranger out of the equation I played two comps and made two finals this week so things are heading in the right direction.

Thats all I have time for as i am off on our jollies. I wil explain the free bet next week and update our balance
Just out of interest tomorrow sunday we have £3oo of our bank roll on usa in the golf at 11/8 and £200 on tottenham v wigan


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