Friday, January 29, 2010

The best hat trick ever scored. (JAN 2010)

Who scored the best hat trick ever. Geoff Hurst maybe? Not even close but more about that later.

January a new start all bad habits put to bed. Unfortunately the weather put paid to any plans I may of had to play Bolton. With the winter snow not going anywhere when It cleared which was the week of Bolton it was time to start trading, after a a Xmas break, and rightly so trading comes first. Me and Dave managed to fit the £200.00 freezeout in on the Saturday but both of us exited early. However the 180 mile round trip was worth it just for the Indians truly scrumptious.
My attempt to win the main event at Dusk till Dawn ended very early when my trip 7's walked into trip jacks, as did the £50.00 when my nut flush was no good against the rivered full house.
Locally competition wise I have played 3 times but non cashes hopefully will have more time now that trading is up and running.

Found time one Tuesday to visit Newcastle and play the legendary dealers choice cash game. The game at Newcastle has become a bit of a talking point up here in the north with talk of some pots reaching 10k on many a night. I don,t know if all the crazies had heard I was on my way or they decided to stay in and do there nails, but that particular night did not seem any more reckless than any other cash game I have visited. Did manage to leave with a £800.00 profit so not grumbling.
Cash games at my local Teesside have been small but gentle, made a little from the game but not really put the hours in yet to determine weather to play regularly.

So all quiet in January and I can,t see February being much different as a busy month ahead.

Football tips which are posted on performed very well with a increase of 7 points for January bring the total up to 61 points for the first 6 months of the year.
Also been putting some other bets I do on the site which produced a 56/1 treble and also a good paying 6 timer.
Thanks to our man from Dubai I also gave out a snooker bet which was guaranteed even down to the frame scores. All I can say is the best 2 am phone call I have received.

Now I know you all wondering who scored the best ever hat trick in the history of football well let me tell you who.
But before I do maybe it is worth giving you all some background into how me and Dave Maudlin managed to place a bet on a hat trick at 19/1 and watch it come up.

If you rewind back to the opening game of the season our beloved Newcastle were playing W.B.Albion on the opening day. Dave rang me and we discussed how Newcastle would fair both agreeing a draw was the likely result (it is vary rare for us to agree mind). So we decided to place £50.00 on 0-0 my preference and 1-1 Dave's preferred choice. The result came 1-1 @ 6/1,nice. So we decided to keep the kitty going till it was dust but fortunately it grew and grew. You would be amazed at the things we have pulled out in Newcastle's games. Correct score 3-0 at 16/1, first goal scorer and correct score we just could not fall off. Any way the kitty grew and grew until just before Newcastle played Plymouth in the cup replay after drawing 0-0 (yip we had 0-0 & 1-1 covered)the kitty stood at £1300. With Dave going to the replay we decided to spend £200.00 each on a bet. Dave rang me from the ground and told me his bet, Plymouth half time/Plymouth full time at 20/1.
With less than half a hour before kick off I had to find something opened up betfair and scoured. There staring me in the face @ 19/1 was "any player to score a hat trick".
When peter Lovenkrands scored his third goal of the game in the 72ND minute the roar from the east stand could be heard in my living room 40 miles away. The bet paid £3800.00 plus stake return booooooooooooooooom.

So if any one asks me "who scored the best hat trick ever?".The answer will be

Peter Lovenkrands on the 13TH of January 2010.

Until next month don't have nightmares.


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