Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There ain't no thing as a free meal.(feb 2010)

There ain't no thing as a free meal or is there! more about that later.


Poker is on the back burner of late and have only fitted in five tournaments.
The Monday night at Teesside is one of the only few competitions worth playing at the moment in the north east, but even so the pots are decreasing.
I fitted in four Mondays and final tabled three of those. Sadly 2 ninths and a eighth is scant reward for the effort. However some consistency.
I don,t expect to travel this year until May at the earliest due to trading being a bit slow mainly due to the recent bad weather.
The other competition I played was the £100.00 freeze out at Teesside and I will post the hand that ended my chance of progressing.
With approx 30 runners left I sitting with slightly average chips raised under the gun with 9, 8 of clubs. It was folded round to the small blind who raised to 8k (the blinds were 500/1000 and I had raised to 3400). Now I had every intention of folding here as I am well aware of the small blinds re-raising holdings, but now the big blind pushes all in for 5200 and my thinking was that I was against the small blinds holding at worst jacks or AK. I called the extra 3600 off a stack of 29k but was well prepared to pass if the flop was not favourable. The flop came J 6 3 all clubs, I checked my opponent pushed all in for 18,400.
I was pretty much sure that I was against one of four hands. Trip jacks, QQ, KK, AA with a definite suited club in the pairs. I eventually called and on there backs. No surprise to see two black aces staring at me. I was in good shape especially as the big blind had called with two black tens, so one less club in the deck. The turn bought the 3 of hearts to put a pair on the board and the river the dreaded ace to give my opponent a full house.
That's poker as the say.
Newcastle hold a £75.00 freezeout on a monthly basis and I am hoping to attend in march. I have some good Friends in Newcastle and some enemy's so look forward to getting back up there. I really do miss poker in Newcastle it is where I learnt so much, not just about poker but how to carry yourself both in victory but more importantly in defeat.


It has been a good month in betting. I entered February on approximately 63 points and finished just over 80 points. A 17 points profit this month is excellent. I have two consecutive runs of bankers , consisting of 7 out of 7 and 6 out of 6.
For those who do not understand a points system, a £100.00 level stake this month would of seen a £1700.00 profit for February. After 7 months into a betting year and at 80 points profit this would equate to £8000.00 clear tax free profit for a £100.00stake.
All my selections are posted on the excellent poker site
in the sports and betting section.

I was very honoured to be chosen as a guest on Daniel Trett's blog. With some excellent preset questions to answer I really enjoyed the experience. Daniels blog really puts this pile of shite to shame and I am sure it is linked to mine, but as I am hopeless with anything techno you will have to find the link yourself. If it is not linked I am sure Daniel will somehow provide link.
May I take this opportunity to wish Daniels brother Mark all the success in his year long sponsorship venture . Mark won the Teesside main event late last year which qualified Mark for a place in a playoff for a years sponsorship. Mark dually won the package and deservedly so. Here's wishing you all the best for this year bud.

With all the bad weather of late it has been a grind and a test of commitment. Nice to see a team working together all pulling in one direction. The weather along with the markets do seemed to have turned so onwards and upwards.

So with just about everything covered in February it is now time to answer the question " is there such thing as a free meal".

I was playing online in the 20 seat guaranteed satellite on dusk till dawns site. With 21 players left i typed into the site "don't forget the top 5 players receive a £50.00 meal and drinks voucher. As most of you know dtd Sat's play on even when u have won a seat for no reason what so ever.
My comment was met by "bullshit, really, nice one, brilliant amongst others.
To confirm my statement Dave Maudlin typed into the spectators chat box it was indeed true. The players on the tables took Dave to be the tournament supervisor and the expected occurred. With the 20 prizes secured all 20 players online went into super tight mode playing for the non existent 5 prizes of a £50.00 meal and drinks voucher.
when there was 19 left was having non of it, rubbish he exclaimed. I finally convinced him and he turned from the loosest player to the proverbial rock. One player said he did not want the prize and offered it to me should he win one.
"Whats your name he typed in"?
"JOHN BOUSFEILD I replied, OK I will find you on Saturday mate came the answer.

John actually played the event but sadly no one came up to John offering his free meal voucher, now that would of been the icing on the cake.

Finally if anyone wants to comment on anything I have written weather good or bad please use the comments section.
I will accept comments the only condition being you must not be anonymous like the fat spineless cretin who commented on last months.

Hope you all enjoyed this drivel and see you all end of march.


At February 28, 2010 at 3:11 PM , Blogger bigusdikus said...

been following pauls football bets, and have learnt so much in the past 5 weeks, its scary.hope to be doing it full time soon,scary because i have had my eyes opened

neil rutter


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