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cometh the hour... (march 2010)

The saying goes cometh the hour cometh the man, page 94 of thr new testament chapter 6 verse 4.


In February I left the blog with a run of 3 consecutive finals at Teesside in the Monday night £20.00 rebuy.

So the pressure was on come Monday march the 1ST to continue the run. Well cometh the hour cometh the man and I managed to not only final table but actually get a share doing a 3 way split for £820.00.

So the pressure was on come Monday the 8TH to continue the run. Well cometh the hour cometh the man and I managed to finish a hard fought 6th for £250.00 for 5 out of 5 final on a Mondays

So the pressure was on come Monday the 15Th to continue the run. Well cometh the hour cometh the man and I managed to finish a hard fought 4TH for £410.00 for 6 out of 6 finals on a Monday.

So the pressure was on come Monday the 22ND to continue the run. Well cometh the hour cometh the man and I managed to finish 7Th for £190.00 for 7 out of 7 finals on a Monday.

So the pressure was on come Monday the 29Th to continue the run. Well cometh the hour cometh the man and I managed to secure a 4 way share for £620.00 for 8 out of 8 finals on a Monday.

I attended one Friday night competition during this run and managed to do a 4 way share for £420.00, cometh the hour cometh the man.

During the run the monthly £100.00 freezeout came along. With 80 odd players in the mix it was never going to be easy. However a gift of some chips from one of the chip leaders and a bit of luck when holding A Q against pocket queens ( I hit a straight). I managed to make the final table but sadly low on chips.

My re found patience allowed me to win a 3 way all in with 9, 10, the board coming
A K J 7 2, my ten high holding up against 4,5 and 8,9 goldenballs strikes again or as Gary Collins put it "you run like god".

After the dust had settled I and 2 other players took £1700.00 and the chip leader took £2000.00.Cometh the hour cometh the man.
So 9 out of 9 finals at Teesside some consistency beginning to show.

The actual run over February and march is 13 out of 16 finals. One bubble, one 14th and one early exit.

After doing a guest spot on Mark Trett's excellent blog it set me thinking about the games in Newcastle, and remembering all the good competitions that I used to attend regularly at the old Stanley, Aspers and Grosvenor casino's.
With the appetite wetted I decided to attend the monthly £75.00 freezeout held once a month at the old Stanley now circus casino.
All I can say is what a excellent well run competition this is. With £500.00 added from the casino and 60 od runners it is fantastic value.
The staff are very player friendly and go out of the way to look after the players, nothing is to much trouble.
What was surprising was the amount of players who had travelled the 35 miles up from Teesside!!!. ONE ME!!!. Astonishing considering the added value the start and finish time, think the Teesside lot are missing out on a very good competition here.
I finished 14Th.

Rather than go on about the competition I would like to waffle on about something that crossed my mind while at Newcastle.
The subject that crossed my mind is how do you build a bankroll from whats available competition wise in the north east today.
When i first started to get a foot on the ladder it was easy to get a roll together. The competitions were plentiful with large pots and most nights if not all.
Teesside had 3 competitions all with over 7k in the pot.
Newcastle Stanley had a weekly £50.00 rebuy that generated in excess of 10k and a monthly £100.00 rebuy that regularly got over £15k.
Even the lower £20 and £25.00 rebuys regularly made over 6k and there was always one somewhere in the north east.
Now if you are a slightly better than average player it was not hard to get some money together with a decent run inside a month or two.
Once rolled up, players could then dip there toe's into the circuit and gain some experience and hopefully hit, then you were on your way.

But what about players in the north east today?

They are faced with low freezeout comps, low prize pools, less numbers and not one pot in the north east that regularly gets over 5k apart from the £100.00 freezeout at teesside and the £50.00 monthly game at circus Newcastle.
I think it is extremely difficult in today's poker scene to get going at all, and I think we will see less and less players breaking through.
Tom middleton, Mark trett are two who have come through to play regularly from starting off in low comps and building bankrolls, and for those others that play the circuit from our area, they seem to have some other sort of income outside of poker.

I do not know players from Newcastle like I used to but Teeesside does have it fair share of talent in Dave Hudson, Kieron appleby Martin Turnbull & Brett Angel who have the potential to go further but may struggle to get a roll together.
Have noticed Kierron has started to play the monthly dusk till dawn £300.00 definitely a step in the right direction.

Sports betting.
Been once again a very good month going approx 15 points and finish up on approx 97 points for the season 8 months into a betting year.
In December I posted a bet on that bore fruition this month. The bet was Barrow to reach the F.A. Trophy final at 16/1. Two weeks ago they dually achieved that. I also in the same bet have them to win @ 33/1 which is nothing short of fantastic .
For anyone wanting to view the bets go to the sports and betting section of

Trading activities.
Just started back today after taking a week off after wearing my shoes and nerves out for chetenham . The week was tiring , exhausting but very profitable.
As most of you know we are a team and we all seem to pull in the right direction.
We have the best trader in the country barr non and the fact is...

she is a woman which is even more amazing how she does it I do not know. The effort she puts in is awe inspiring. She now has a assistant which should help lessen the work load.

On that note will leave the blog for another month



At April 1, 2010 at 1:04 AM , Blogger Ridla said...

13 FTs out of the last 16 tournies, consistent is definitely the word. WPWPWP.

IMO poker in the north east is dying a slow death, although there are rumours floating around on the grapevine that would inject a bit of life into the old dog yet, very soon actually (ahem, Circus).


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