Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dick Turpin on the M6. (May 2010.)

Dick Turpin is alive and well and roams somewhere near the M6, but more about that later.

At the end of April I was on some run at Teeside on a Monday , having final tabled something like 10 out of 12 Monday competitions.
So Monday the 3RD of May was important to see if the run could continue. Sadly the end was nigh and even tho with my best effort I bubbled in 8TH place. A bubble prize was gratefully received £60.00, so a profit of £20.00.
Does this actually qualify as a cash!!!.

When you fall of your bike you have two options. Buy a new bike or get back on the old one.
I chose the latter and a few days later I headed up to Newcastle to play the Circus £75.00 freezeout.

This was held the same day as the Gala tour Bristol's main event, but with the poker stars event starting three days later I really wanted to be fresh for the stars event.

The circus casino is a old favourite venue of mine as previously mentioned and holds many happy memory's.
It was nice to meet up with some old friends who I hadn't seen for a while. It is only when you bump into people who you have not seen do you realize how many Friends you miss when so busy.

The tournament for me ran pretty smoothly down to the last two tables. I then had a card dead hour but was saved by the savior of most poker players.
I got moved tables at 16 players and met my saviour who is commonly known in poker as...
"I'm pissed but can play poker better than you" player.
His 100k to my 20k looked intimidating but a nut flush, a pair of kings and two pair later dispelled his theory of alcohol and you don't frighten me strategy is enough to win a tournament.

With enough chips to take most players on in the final I was able to play aggressively. A bit of luck outdrawing QQ with my 5 on the river however the rest was plain sailing.
When the dust was settled 3 of us done a deal with me and another taking £1100.00 and the other £940.00.

Since I re-started the blog back in December any one new to my blog would think this poker malarkey is all right. Turn up play ABC poker, collect most times at the end of the tournament.
When travelling, nick your expenses from the bookies or the cash games, have a laugh ,wind someone up and travel home.
And to be honest this year that is what has happened...

The biggest £500.00 competition in the U.K held to date.
Over 700 runners, held over 5 days.

I was so looking forward to this event. Held at Dusk Till Dawn on Wednesday the 16th.
I sacrificed the Gala main event at Bristol to prepare properly.

A early night the night before and a early start to arrive in plenty of time.
So perfect preparation.

However the poker god's had other plans.

The starting stack of 15,000 chips meant plenty of time and plenty of play. Sadly I did not see plenty of play and as for the plenty of time bit all I had was plenty of spare time.
After 13 dealt hands I was out. Of those 13 hands dealt I played 3.!!!

The 3rd hand dealt I was in the big blind. A small raise to 250 was called by the small blind and also by myself. I held pocket nines.

FLOP ace nine three (2 clubs).

Small blind checks, I check initial raiser bets 400, small blind passes I flat.

TURN 5 spades, I check opponent bets 1450, I call

RIVER 6 hearts.

So I come out betting 1475 and my opponent re raises to 5500.
Looking at his possible holding here trip 3's, trip aces or any ace jack to king.
There was nothing in his betting pattern that could of told me his hand and I had no option to call. I gave the re raise some thought but decided to err on the side of caution.
I called, I flipped my set of nines he flipped his set of aces.

The fifth hand dealt I raised with j9 suited no callers won 75 chips.

The 13Th hand dealt once again my big blind.
A scandi in first position raises to 400 his 5Th consecutive raise gets two callers and it is back to me in the big blind. I look at my cards QQ.

with two callers flatting the raise my best option here is to narrow the field. So I re raise to 1800. The original raiser the re raises to 3600 more the other two get out the way and it is back to me.
Now I am in a tight spot here. Calling is not a option. It is either all in or pass.
I honestly thought I had walked once again into aces at worst kings. I decided to give my decision some time before passing.
In this time the young scandi started to show a bit of apprehension. The longer I waited the more concerned he was looking. My thinking had changed about his holding I was now sure he held Ace King do I wanna race.
Darn tooting I do, "I'm all in I announce immediately followed by "call".
Oops got this one wrong expecting the aces or kings to be flipped over.

He proudly flipped ACE QUEEN OFF SUIT!!!!.

Five cards and four clubs later gave my scandi a nut flush.

The drive home was painful.

If you fall of a horse the best thing you can do is either buy a new horse or get straight back on.
I chose the latter.

The gukpt tour hit Coventry and a last minute decision to play the main event.
So off we set. Me, Dave Maudlin and Mark James down the M1 and right at the traffic lights.
After the poker stars fiasco I decided to pay in the main event as a late comer, don't want that early exit thingy again.

Day one.
Once again uneventful and I ended up coming back to 50 odd runners on day two in about 25Th position of 55 runners.
Once again I grind down to the last 30 or so and once again find myself getting low and once again bust out.
I don't seem to be able to gather chips these days as well as I used too, and often, to often in main events I find myself hanging on.

I played the two day £250.00 freezeout and managed to finish 6TH for £780.00.

During the Saturday night I bumped into Peekay from a worldofpoker who had finished work for the day covering the main event.
Asking him what he was up to now he had finished he told me a UB40 tribute act was playing in the function suite of the casino.
Mark James was on the table next to me and I leaned across and told him I had just seen Ali Cambell from UB40 in the casino.
Fifteen minutes went by and right on cue as the opening lines to Red Red wine burst out Marks face was a picture.
However nothing prepared me for what happened next.
A scouse gentleman who had overheard my conversation to Mark asked me did you say
UB40 are playing here, yes I replied.
Out came his mobile phone, he rang his wife.
"Hiya Doris your not going to believe this. UB40 are playing here live"
he whispers to me there my wife's favourite group.
I tell him at half past ten they are doing a book signing.
"Doris do want his autobiography signed" he asks.
So once off the phone from ten to ten all he does is ask the time.
As ten thirty approaches he asks me if I know how much the book is, £20.00 came the reply.
He whips £20.00 out of his wallet and rushes out the card room.
Fifteen minutes later he returns to the card room and says absolutely nothing.
My next ten raises he calls every one!!!
I eventually knock him out. He leaves with out wishing me good luck, don't know why?.

I played a £500.00 super satellite at dusk till Dawn for the wsop main event and with 10 seats guarantied I fancied my chances.
Once again so close so far exiting in 21st place from 125 runners, very frustrating my game at the moment.


TOM MANNION*********************** GUKPT MAIN EVENT COVENTRY (5TH) £8,800.00.
PAUL GARDENER********************* GUKPT £250.00 FREEZE OUT COVENTRY (6TH) £750.00.
MARK TRETT************************ GCBMPT MAIN EVENT BRISTOL (3RD) £8000.00.
DARREN MEYNELL******************** DUSK TILL DAWN £300.00 MONTHLY (26TH) £450.00.
CHRIS WOOD************************ DUSK TILL DAWN VEGAS MAIN EVENT (SEAT( £8,300.00.

A big well done to them all.

Not wanting to single any one out in particular as everyone above deserves congrats.
However Mark Trett finishing 3rd was some achievement considering this was the first Gala/coral event since his sponsorship.
Not a easy thing to do when in the spotlight.

Once again it has been a good month for my betting tips which are posted on
sports and betting section.
This month I made approximately 20 points profit. A first for me was the posting of my Australian football tips. Two weeks into this side of football tips I have recorded a profit both weeks.
I have spent two seasons studying Australian football lets hope the run continues.

Dick Turpin is alive and well and robs travellers at Tebay services near to the M6 in Cumbria.

Last November me and Latif Azis were travelling to Blackpool for the GUKPT main event when just passed Scotch corner we received a phone call from Howie who was travelling to Blackpool along with John the burglar Cairns and Mark there's only one Foggin.
They were half a hour ahead of us on the A66 across the pennines but happened to mention that they were stopping at Tebay services.
This was a fateful mistake.!!! PEOPLE NEVER LEARN!!!

I put the Morris Minor into second gear and sped like wild horses to catch them up all the time thinking what can I do.

As me and latte got to Tebay there was Johns car parked up.
Me and Latte sat wondering what we could do. Let the tyres down , banana up the exhaust the it suddenly dawned on me.
Like a eureka moment its Johns car he is stupid he will not have locked his car.

So I wander over to the car and sure as eggs is eggs the car is unlocked. (he had the car 3 days!!!).

So I dive into the car and think what should I help myself to, the sat nav, the mobile even the porn DVD'S on the back seat.

Then like a thunderbolt from the sky it hit me.... ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

The boot
and whats in the boot???
3 suitcases and a lap top.

They were not there for long. The said itens were put straight into my boot and me and Latte were off down the M6 as fast as the Morris Minor would travel.

We were all stopping at the same hotel and with a few disguised phone calls enquiring about how far away they were it was not hard to time our arrival bang on cue as john pulled up outside the hotel.

John Boesfeild had been forwarned and was the willing camera man via his mobile.

We exchange a few pleasantry's and wait for the fun to begin.

Mark was first one to the boot.
"Pop the boot open John".

Mark fell backwards against the car parked behind, his jaw dropped as he screamed we've been robbed.

He then went into a repetitive shock syndrome as all he could say was "me lap top" over and over again.

Howie shouted at John " you cupid stunt, you have left the car unlocked at the services".

John went white.
"I don't believe it I had 4 grand in my bag, howie replied fook yr 4 grand I had a new pair of shoes and I have not worn them yet".

Finding it hard to contain the laughter I looked at Mark who had now fallen into the boot of Johns car and was rigid stiff.I honestly thought he was dead.

Howie ran off as if to run the 92 miles back to Tebay to see if they had dropped his shoes.

John was on his phone.

" Hello I would like to report a robbery"
" where Tebay services"
"I had 3 lap tops, 5 suitcases, 12 grand and 3 brand new pair of shoes in my boot"
(john always thinks ahead and was obviously getting his insurance claim into gear)

At this point nobody could contain themselves any longer, we just fell about pissing ourselves.

This was like a miracle to Mark who realized what had happened.

From his rigor mortis state he jumped up and kissed me and Latte like long lost brothers.
John put the phone down to the police and when they rang him back gave some explanation about how he had left his phone in a pub.

Fifteen minutes later Howie returned with a new pair of shoes from Wynsors world of shoes.

When we played the tape back Mark Foggin said me lap top 37 times before he collapsed into the boot.
Howie complained all week about how he had to fork out £15.99 for a new pair of shoes, twice as much as the one's in the boot.
John went to Halfords and bought a car alarm.

No one went to bed that night without double checking there bedroom door was locked.
Least of all me.!!!

Until next time.


At June 6, 2010 at 7:11 PM , Blogger Dom said...

LOL Quality story paul!

At June 21, 2010 at 11:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

youll get yours soon enough

At July 8, 2010 at 7:42 AM , Blogger Ant66 said...

ROFL,funny as feck paul,nice post.


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