Friday, November 28, 2008

All quiet on the eastern front


After last Mondays success at Teesside took the obvious choice and again played the Mondays £20.00 re buy.
With once again over 40 runners a pot of just over £3.5k was generated.
While last weeks effort was a gentle route through the re buy period today's affair was a little more rocky. With my re buys mounting up I eventually got a hold of some chips just at the end of the re buys.
Not at all happy about some of the starting hands I played in this period, something I still have to work on.
Well they say football can sometimes be a game of two half's and so can poker.
All the hastiness of the first half disappeared as patience set in for part two.

Nursing a less than average chip stack through the numbers was precarious to say the least but some how I survived to reach my second consecutive Monday final.

All that was standing in my way was John Law one of the best players in Teeside with a boat load of chips and some one else who was at the opposite end in playing ability scale to John, but with a boat load of chips.

Somewhere in the middle were 8 other players hanging on for dear life.

Anyway a early double up at least give me the foundations to build and once Mr non ability shared his chips among the grateful dead we all at least had a chance.

After some patient play on my behalf I managed to get down to the last 3, J law and young Darren.
Now to be honest I really wanted to knock Darren out for no other reason than I wanted heads up with John.
I wanted to play him to test my game but unfortunately John had other ideas as he called my re raise with A 4, and my holding of A K held to take the pot.

Which left me and young Darren heads up. Darren is on a bit of a roll at the moment especially on the net where he seems to be tearing Ladbrokes up in tourneys for fun.
After the chip lead went back and forwards a few times we agreed to split first and second prize, both of us collecting just over £1000.00 for our efforts.

To summarize I really must not get into this multi re buy malarkey constantly and I have rediscovered my patience a necessary tool to survive in this shark infested poker world of which we swim.

Wednesday I played the £30.00 super satellite at Teesside for Galas grand final at Bristol.
With two seats available I exited in 10Th place. Was very pleased with the way I played and not too disappointed to exit holding A K versus pocket fives.
A lot better than the 75/25% of late.

Next week (Thurs) sees me travel down to Luton for the Grosvenor poker tour champions of champions tournament.
I qualified for this event by winning the £300.00 freeze out in January in Brighton. You can only partake in this event by winning one of the events on the gukpt, but the downside is the starting chips.
The starting chips is determined by the size of the event you won. So as a example I am starting with 5000 chips but some one who has won a main event will be starting with 10,000.
There is a prize pool of £70.000 so expect first prize to be about £20,000.00 so fingers crossed.
There is a mini festival on in Luton so will probably play some of the side events or dash over to Bristol for the Gala grand final on Friday.
No cast in stone decisions made as yet will take it as it comes from Thurs onwards.

Trading opportunities were a bit limited this week due to a busy schedule on my behalf . I managed to fit in 5 hours this week showing a profit of £95.00 which is very welcome.

Deal of the century.

I have been asked to include this story in the blog so never one to refuse OK then.

On the Sunday of the Teesside festival the night time event was a £50.00 double chance freeze out.
After being knocked out of the main by kq (it still hurts) I entered along with approx 70 others.
After the first ten hands I had done me first chance chips in and half of my second chance chips as well!
So I asked the guy next to me to slide his chips slightly into my box he reluctantly agreed, but thought I was bonkers.
Then I approached a couple of locals asking if they wanted %10. With in a few minutes I had secured (well at the last count it was 13) ten percents.

Now the coup de grace.

My monster hand of 7 3 off suit didn't fair to well against a raise and a re raise and I was out.
But now had umpteen 10% running for me lol.

The ironic ending to this tale is one of my percentages got a share in a deal and I have,nt seen em since.

Ah well "best laid plans of mice and men".

Now over to our bankroll.



SPORTS £no bets

TRADING £95.00

BALANCE £17,403.00.

Finally over to our regular feature " Star in a reasonable priced blog"

And the honour this week goes to non other than...


Now Hamid away from the poker table is one of the nicest people you will come across in north east poker but...
On the table he is simply awesome and certainly holds no Friends when playing.

When I said in a previous blog to progress watch the good players well this is certainly one you can watch. I know I did and it was the best decision I made.

Hamid along with S Lui have held captain at Newcastle since I started several yrs ago, consistency a sure sign of a winning player.

Hamid maybe has not played nationally as much as some but I have no doubt if he did regularly he would be up there with the best.

Hamid has showed consistent results when travelling.
Back in 2005 I remember Hamid tearing up a class Field of players not once but twice when winning two events out of 3 in Sheffield, including two firsts.

Back in 2002 Hamid recorded his largest cash when finishing 4Th in the £2500.00 main event named the "European championships".
He also finished 3rd in the £500.00 event at the same festival.
This was a fantastic achievement against a Field of some of the best players of the time.

I mentioned Hamid being one of the nicest people you can meet and maybe this little tale will verify this.

Way back not long after I first started Teesside held a poker festival. I at the time could only afford the side events, hoping to cash which would let me play the main.
No cashes in the side comps left me one chance to get in the main a one table satellite.
Before it started I was talking to Hamid and explained my precarious financial situation, asking his advice on weather if i did not get through how best to turn my remaining £120.00 into a seat. His reply perhaps demonstrates the man.

Look Paul go and play the satellite if you don,t get in I Will pay you in.
As it happens I won a seat but I have never forgot the offer.

So think this is a good way to end the blog and welcome Hamid as our 4Th star in
a reasonable priced blog.

May I take this opportunity to wish all the locals travelling down to Bristol for the Gala grand Final, come on lads
UP THE LADDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a footnote I have put some of our blog money into betfair to let someone trade on our behalf. Can,t say who but next week we will find out how our initial investment has fared

until next week

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to basics.

Well after the positives and negatives it was back to basics and on Monday played the £20.00 re buy at Tees side.
Tees side has reintroduced a extra 15 minutes re buy period and cut down the time late entry,s are allowed to enter the tournaments in a effort to boost the pots.

With 40 odd players in the mix it was well attended and created a prize pool of over 3.5k a excellent start.

I actually got of to a good start and got chips quite early. Some decent starting hands and situations allowed me to finish the re buy period with double the average and with no re buys or add on,s.

I noticed my starting hand selection had improved maybe the verbal in Blackpool was still in my head.

The period between the end of the re buy period and the final table was a bit of a roller coaster for me twice my AK walked into pocket kings, but somehow managed to survive to make the final, lowest chips but hey beggars can,t be choosers.

The final was a long drawn out affair. I doubled and trebled up easily and also outdrew pocket kings with pocket jacks when a jack arrived on the flop (did I mention my son was called Jason)?.

Eventually a deal was discussed among the five remaining players. A even split of £600.00 for four of us and the chip leader taking £720.00.

Now as I have stated in previous posts I will only deal; if it is good for me, and this time it certainly was.
Factors were that with a average stack of just over a 100k the blinds were 5000/10,000 a crap shoot situ here.
Also it was now after 3am in the morning and we had been playing for 7 hrs long enough by any ones standards.

So my back to basics strategy has shown a instant success with a profit of £580.00 a real good start.

Resisting the temptation of the £10.00 re buys at Tee side I headed up to Newcastle for the £50.00 freeze out on Saturday.
With 53 runners it held a decent prize pool. A good starting stack and clock make this comp very player friendly maybe a bit too player friendly.

Down to the last couple of tables and fairly healthy in chips the following hand played like this.

Me holding 7 - 9 in late position opened the pot with a 3 x big blind raise, the big blind eventually called. He had a decent chip stack so my thought process was it might be possible to win this pot if a raggy flop appears, or, I might get paid if I flop a two pair or better.
The flop 10 - 10 - 8.
A nice flop for my hand defo a flop I can bet into.
However the big blind had other idea,s and opened up with 4k, I called leaving myself 8.2k.
Up and down I could certainly afford to see the turn and make my decision after the turn.
If I hit a six or jack felt I would get paid. However was a bit wary of his possible holding of jack ten.
A nice little six appeared on the turn.
The big blind immediately put me all in which I duly called, flipping over my straight but no match for his holding of 10 - 8.
He had flopped a full house.

Quite possibly I could of got away from this hand but would of been very hard. Did not feel so bad as over all I thoroughly enjoyed the game and played very well through out the competition.

A little compensation is I played the "pot limit" hold em game and managed to record a £260.00 profit for a couple of hours work.
I got paid off, on pocket fours on a flop of ace- four - two, my opponent holding ak.

Dave obviously did not know my son was born on the fourth!!!.

Trading went very well this week.

Eleven hours work produced a profit of £725.00, very nice and very welcome after the costs of Blackpool.

Did not have a lot of time on sports this week and it was the weekend before I could do any serious research.

Bet £200.00 on Preston to beat Norwich which obliged at evens.
Bet £200.00 on barrow which lost.

Sunday bet £200.00 on A.Madrid away at evens which lost.

So sports produced a loss of -£200.00.

So our previous balance was £15,023.00

POKER + £530.00

TRADING + £725.00

SPORTS - £200.00

CASH GAMES £260.00

Weekly profit £1315.00

Balance ends up at £16,388.00.

It was aprox 12 weeks ago I started this social experiment and already I/we have made £6,388.00, which is fantastic. We have had no major costs apart from Bolton & Blackpool.
We have also survived at bit of a barren spell loccaly at poker and with out tempting fate we may have just turned the corner.
It is too early to take the + 6k as a average but if we were we would be on a annual income of over 25k TAX FREE.!

So over all a forward step after the backwards one at Blackpool. I have to say I have enjoyed this week. Lots of rest in between poker, and playing quite well is a bonus.
Back to basics.

Congratulations go to Lynn Buemont who for the second year running has won the Betfair,s ladies championship.
As well as decent prize money Lynn also receives sponsorship into events next year.
A fantastic achievement well done Lynn.

As a footnote I joined in with a local syndicate for the scoop 6 jackpot at the weekend. As I know nothing about horse racing I left the selections to the experts.
So close with 3 winners and 3 seconds, unlucky, next time.

Now over to our weekly feature.

"Star in a reasonable priced blog".

The honour this week goes to non other than...

Tees sides own...

John Law.

Now any one who knows how John plays please let me no as honestly I have not got a clue.
After several years of playing along side John I am still not sure of what his game is all about but hey so what neither has John.

I am sure deep down in John,s head somewhere there is a strategy.

John has been one of the most consistent winners at local tournaments for many years.
Between here and Newcastle he has consistently won his pick of competitions.

Not content with local success John has transferred his success to national competitions.
He is currently ranked number 61 in the uk in the most prize money list, hot on the heels of the other two north east players Keith Hawkins & Carlo Citrone.

In 2005 John came as close as one could get, to winning a wsop bracelet.

In the $1000.00 no limit event, Heads up and pretty even in chips all the chips end up in the middle on a flop of J - 8 -5.
John opponent holding q-8 was deep in the mire against Johns holding of J - Q.
Unfortunately it was game over as a 8 appeared on the turn to give his opponent trips, so close but yet so far.

With countless final tables throughout the UK John is one of the most feared players on the circuit as his many ranking results confirm.

I think it is fair to say that when ever you are in a pot with John you are never quite sure where you are.

2008 has been a quiet year for John on his travels but I an sure it won,t be long before he re-discovers his form and justify,s his place in the north east,s top players

So John Law joins S Lui & K Hawkins as stars in a reasonable priced blog

until next time

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blackpool donkey (part 2)

Now in part 1, I talked about a meal I had with a good Friend.
He arrived in town on Tues so after my super sat exit we headed away from the casino to eat & talk.
I asked him if I could name him on this blog but he did not want it so respect there.
I met him a four years ago and we just clicked.
He has amassed a decent bankroll mainly from sports betting and some from poker.
He was a great help when I was trying to rebuild a bankroll after going skint in the past. Mistakes were identified and corrected and to be honest I don't think I would of stayed in poker if it was not for him.

Anyway we were now faced with a different problem than last time.
My confidence is shattered where as before I just did not have the bankroll to survive.
Now financially I am pretty much sorted in that department however I wished the credit crunch would go away soon.
The tournament selection is one thing that is wrong.

I should not be playing ten pound re buy,s at all unless it,s a social evening.
I would be better off playing freeze outs and larger re buy events it is obvious to me now that I am no longer hungry enough to compete in these comps.
They served there purpose when rebuilding but not now. I am not saying I am to big or good for the game as that is certainly not the case, it is just not the right event for me to play.
As most main event and side events are freeze out,s now, surely that is what I should be playing.
Also the amount of comps I play a week is too many it averages 3 at the mo.
We researched the net and come up with a couple of freeze outs in Leeds, two a month costing £100.00 & £200.00.
Dusk to dawn hold there monthly 123 weekend which is not too far to travel.
Newcastle hold a £50.00 freeze out on a Saturday.
Stockport hold a twice weekly £50.00 re buy which attracts a large number and a good pot. They also hold a monthly £250.00 re buy which consistently takes 40k.

I was reminded by my Friend of the goals we set which consisted of travelling to better comps rather than local all the time.
I have kept a record of every comp I have played and looking back I can see when I would think nothing of travelling down to Leeds, Sheffield Manchester and even every couple of months London.
But apart from Stockport or Festivals I have not travelled out of the north east at all now it is apparent to me things have to change.

I will not be missimg from Teeside at all. I will still play the occasional comp as I cant travel all the time just less that,s all.

The change will not happen overnight it will happen gradually probably into next year.
I will always support my local casino but I just have to change my schedule and as targets have been set it is the right decision.

The man hours I use per week on poker, sports betting trading cash games etc has got to decrease.

Trading has become obvious to me that is one area where a Increase in hours is going to be of benefit.
I fitted in last week 10 hours and returned £425.00 so if anything this will increase as time allows.

So with a breath of confidence Blackpool was a positive experience. We may of lost financially but I/WE have identified problems and found solutions.
When I previously said I had not lost the hunger I think that was not correct, the hunger has returned, the cobwebs dusted away and a new outlook has dawned.

I think in poker every player should have someone they can bounce ideas off, talk hands and situation,s through. I know locally I talk a lot with Howie Dave and john it certainly helps.
Also you should be able to self analyze, find faults and be honest with yourself and correct them.

I went to Blackpool confident in my own ability but did not see the other factors that were affecting my game.

However to put things in perspective our bankroll has grown so more fine tuning than major surgery.

SO now over to our bankroll.

Previous balance £16,268.00

Blackpool costs £1510.00 (INCLUDING COSTS)

Trading + £625.00

Previous comps and sports -£360.00

Balance now £15,023.00

Now to our weekly feature the

"Star in a reasonable priced blog".

2ND of five.

Many people have tried to 2nd guess the star in the reasonable priced blog but no one came up with Keith "the camel" Hawkins.

Keith lives in Middleton Tyas near to scotch corner and as far as I am concerned that is in the north east

Keith would probably admit he is not as well known in the north east as some, as he prefers the lure of the net rather than the local comps.
But what is not in doubt is Keith's natural ability in large national comps.

Keith has been playing poker as early as 1999, winning his first comp in 2000 in Southampton and from there has the best record of any north east player.

Keith sits proudly at number 38Th in the UK;s all time money list highest of all north east players and one of only three from the north east in the top 100.

When looking at Keith,s record what stands out is his consistency year in year out. Final after Final which shows Keith's ability for the game.
He has had more wsop cashes than any north east player and recently finished 75th in this years main event at the wsop a fantastic performance.

One little known fact is Keith went to school with Neil Channing. You can picture the scene now come on Keith lets play poker for dinner money!

There is no doubt Keith will go from strength to strength and continue his high placed finishes through out his career.

Most recently Keith finished 3rd in the Tees side gala festival,s main event.

Keith is at the standard all north east players must hope to attain. Top of the tree in all departments, number of cashes, most money won, highest ranked, the list is endless.

Quite out of character Keith was in Tee side gala less than 12 hours before this blog was published, maybe just maybe he had got wind of this publicity and thought he would attend for a autograph session.

So here we have it Keith "the camel Hawkins " joining Steven " lucky " Lui in our
"star in a reasonable priced blog".

So tune in next week to find out who will make a appearance in our top five north east players,
find out if me going back to basics produces results

This bit of info certainly does not belong at the bottom of this blog really it should be at the top.
Congratulations go to Tom Middleton a regular in Newcastle who secured a £20,000.00 pay day in the £500.00 event at Blackpool.
Tom dominated a high class feild to record hid highest live cash of his career.
The only down side to this is Tom spoilt a future feature of mine called
"one,s to watch"
However I did pick out Tom as one to watch on a post on the Newcastle poker forum a few months ago so don,t feel to bad.

Congratulations Tom on a fantastic result the 3rd highest in the north east in 2008 so far.
Well done

until nest week l8

Blackpool donkey (part 1)

Blackpool last year I came second & won 56.5k in the main event my largest live cash & 2ND largest cash i have made. This year I had more chance winning the x factor than cashing in Blackpool.

£300.00 FREEZE OUT.

Determined not to sit and grind as I think I have been doing too much of that lately I decided to play a bit more aggressively and try & amass some chips early on. Looking up some early flops with marginal hands was the strategy but unluckily I never seemed to connect with any flops.
Forced to tighten up when %50 of my starting stack disappeared I then called a all in with ak versus 99. The 99 held up which crippled me leaving me with 1025 in chips.
Obviously with the blinds of 300/600 they were going to be in the mix sooner rather than later.

Enter the monster hand of 9 3 (HEY SUITED)
The hand played like this.
First position raises to 2200, then a re raise to 5000, a all in for 4100, me to act "VALUE ALL IN".
Ali Mallu behind me announces all in for 15k and is instantly called by the re raiser.
On there backs...




First card out a ACE trips for Ali, followed by a 4 and eight, shit!

Turn a five, hey i see a out here!" come on the little duck"

a nice little duck quack quack, giving me the bottom straight, bizarre but very welcome.

This happened about 3 hours into the comp. My luck had returned.
I continued to build ever so slowly cutting through the Field of 200+ players I managed to survive down to the last hour of play,holding approx 14k in chips and a average of 22k ish.
With approx 60 players remaining my thought process was to survive the last hour, try and increase my stack if possible but survive day 1 and see what tomorrow brings.

Me in the big blind holding 9 7 first position limps the proverbial Blackpool rock and two other callers compete to see the flop.

Flop came 9 7 5 me two pair.
Now I push all in hoping to get a call from the limper with her over pair to the board and she duly obliges flipping her pocket ACES.
The turn
A five giving Mrs Rock a higher two pair.
Exit me.

To summarise I got very lucky to survive , played very well to survive and the luck evened out to send me crashing out.
Over all I am pleased that I played well to at least give myself a chance.

£500.00 FREEZE OUT.

Arriving a hour late after a 2 hour chat with my mentor (more about that in part two),I exited quite early in bizarre fashion.
Moving from my original table I was moved to what I thought was going to be a good table. Ewan Jones Tom Middleton Farook and a couple of others I know felt I could certainly make progress here, & patience was the best strategy.
A player 2ND to my left went on a run where he hit everything and was certainly playing the rush, he also got well paid of some good hands also increasing his stack to well over 40k with a average of 14k.

When he limped on my big blind(he is 2Nd to act) his eyes followed every players action round the table indicating his hand was very strong I hoped for a nice hand like aces or 7 2 nothing in between.
The small blind makes it up and I look at my cards pocket nines.
Now THERE IS NO WAY i am raising here as I am sure Mr Rush probably has a over pair.
Flop 9 8 3 two clubs

I check Mr Rush bets 800 and the small blind raises to 2000.
I instant push all in and Mr Rush instant calls.
The small blind dwells then passes announcing he had two pair.

Mr Rush proudly turns his pair of queens as I reveal my top set.

Turn a QUEEN goodnight Vienna.

To summarise "what can you do"

I alsom played two super sats for the main event going deep in both. The second one hurt a bit when my AK lost to KJ!!

I played a one table satellite getting heads up with pocket kings versus pocket tens, a ten on the river.

That was it.

Back to the hotel,packed and left town on the nearest donkey, Blackpool was over for me this year.

A few people have asked me why i have not played the main event at Blackpool this year & after reading the above maybe they will understand why.
What happened last year really has no bearing on this year. I am out of form and luck so really it was not the right decision.
I will also add to massive outdraws to the occasion in super sat,s for the main event so I knew it just was,not my week.

However a POSITIVE result at Blackpool which will be explained in full in part two

Saturday, November 8, 2008

After the lord mayors show

Well, where do I begin.

POKER nightmare.

Sports nightmare.

I played 3 comps at local level this week and never got close once.There are no specific hands or situations to talk about not even 75/25 positions just loads of hands like 48 off suit. This week poker wise has been a non entity. I have been through lean spells before but this one seems to be lasting longer than the norm, all I can say is roll on 2009.
In poker it is certainly a confidence game and mine is low at the moment I just can,t seem to get into a winning position, however as most of you who know me will vouch that I am a very analytical person and apart from maybe playing a bit tighter I don;t think I am playing that bad, my reads are proving correct most of the time and I am pretty sure that I have not turned into a bad player over night.

However to put things in perspective I was asked this week " how,s yer luck "terrible I replied I have won or shared only 3 comps in the last month or so"

"bloody hell came the reply I haven't made a final for 7 weeks"

Maybe my expectations are set higher than others.

Looking back over my records (i have kept a record of every comp I have ever played)
what is apparent is the lack of breaks I have given myself.
This year for example I have had 2 weeks off from poker which is not nearly enough maybe time to rethink I thinks.
However before any break can be planned in it is of to Blackpool on Monday. All week I have been thinking weather to play the main event it's a daddy or chips,daddy or chips quandary.
Financially it is affordable for myself but it is not the money issue it is the expected value return.
I am not on top of my game at the mo so really need to justify my chances before deciding.
What happened last year when I finished 2ND has no bearing or influence on my decision and rightly so.
So I am going to play the Monday £300.00 freeze out & Tues £500.00 freeze out before I make any decision. It will not be made on a where I finish in these events but on how I am playing simple as that.

Football went just as well as poker this week. By Thurs we had had 7 bets and only two winners.All the research and effort had been done 7 man hours through the week but the footie gods just were not on our side.
Out of desperation I back Leeds on Friday at 4/7 just to restore a bit of confidence in readiness for Saturday and they drew 1-1!.
I said to others that if Leeds do not win this I will not have a bet on Saturday so when Saturday came I did not bother.
I had already done research for Saturdays games and if I had a bet I would of got us back on track, but hey ho lets go.

The only positive this week was trading activities which produced a profit of £220.00for 5 hours work. Maybe just maybe this is where the future lies.

unfortunately I have run out of time so going to end this blog here. I am defo back on Wednesday where i will post a financial update and carry on our northeast players malaki
The next one will surprise you all tho.
until wed

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seven out of eight


Well after the buzz of the Gala Teeside festival it was back to some sort of normality, whatever normality is.
First pleasing point of the week was the numbers at Teeside last Monday. As mentioned in a previous blog the numbers have struggled of late for the £20.00 re buy. First prize has struggled to reach over a grand most Mondays but last Monday it was £1300.00 to the winner. Over 40 runners so looks like Mondays could be back on the agenda.
Last week I played Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

Tuesday's £50.00 freeze out was a complete struggle. One of those nights when nothing goes right and every half decent hand is hammerred by better hands. The only pleasing thing to come from Tuesday was with 40 runners left I had no chips but managed to battle down to the last two tables until my luck ran out or was it my constant "all in,s" that annoyed my opponents so much that one called with pocket aces, the worse thing about it was he did not even think, sheesh!

Thursdays comp again was a night of two half's. Sometimes when you have a bad night at the office you arrive next time more determined to put the wrongs right. After a quiet re buy period I managed to maneuver me way to the final and arrive there in a average chip position.
A couple of good hands which were paid of resulted in a chance of a top prize which has been sorely missed of late.
Enter pocket kings.
With blinds of 3000/6000 & me finding KK I raise to 21,3000 everyone folds. Two hands later I wake up to pocket kings again and raise it up to 21,400 a 100 more than last time, why? well to be honest I don,t no.
Anyway the big blind announces all in,I call he flips AK, the flop AA2, well that's me drawing dead then!
Exited in 5Th place for £170.00 & a profit of £120.00.

Fridays again was a struggle never got going until there were about 40 runners left then managed a treble up to put me above average. Then enter the 75/25's again. My pocket queens sending me to the rails when 45 suited hit trips on the flop, ah well that's poker?
Financial cost £40.00.
So overall poker profit for the week £25.00


Only played in Tue,s hold em game at Teeside. Sticking to the 2/3 hour maximum time rule I left wining £165.00

Spent a total 11 of hours throughout the week which returned a nice profit of £210.00


Bit of success this week with 7 out of 8 which equates to approx 83%, which is on par with any top tipster.

NEWCASTLE v w brom won profit £176.00
BAYERN MUNICH v frankfurt won profit £142.00
bolton v EVERTON won £194.00
HOFFENHEIM v karlsruhe won profit £136.00
MONTROSE V stenhousemuir LOST -£250.00
EVERTON v fulham won profit £97.00
LILLE v nantes won profit £85.00
GIJON v numancia won profit £141.00

Funny old game football Montrose were my biggest fancy of the weekend so placed approx 5% of our bankroll on this match and it was the only one which lost. However did pass this one on to a mackem maybe he put the mockers on it.

Did have a large punt on n/cle with me own pennies so 4 out of 5 this year for me so far.
Already started me research for next week champion,s league but struggling to find any value at the moment.

So over to our bankroll which stood at £15,147.00 last week

POKER + £25.00

CASH GAMES + £165.00

TRADING + £210.00

SPORTS + £721.00

So overall a successful week with a profit of £1121.00.

This brings our bankroll up to £16,268.00

So this coming week 1% of our bankroll is worth £62,00, 2% £124.00 etc.

Now to a feature weeks which is to look at the careers of some of the top players in the north east and first to have the honour is...

Stephen Liu.

Stephen is without doubt and without fear of contradiction the best tournament player to grace the felt in the north east in my humble opinion.
When I first started out in this game Stephen was one of the players I constantly watched and harassed for advice, why because it was obvious to all he was a winning player.
I never had the opportunity to see Steven play 7 card stud but from all accounts he was practically unbeatable.
The fact that he was able to transfer his skills to hold em shows the talent this man has. For all those who have maybe just come into the game you may now not see the best of him as there are know competitions locally that tempt him regularly.
Steven burst on the national poker scene in the year 2000 when he won what was then the unofficial European championships in Amsterdam. The same festival he also finished 4Th in the seven card stud event.Two years later he finished 4Th in the omaha main event.
A little known fact is that Steven played in the first series of late night poker at the time it was really a closed shop ran by those down south but Steve was held in such high regard.
Maybe one side of Steve that is not shown so much is his willingness to help other players especially those new to poker. Throughout my early years in the game he was a great help and inspiration and I have no doubt I would not be the player I am without his help.
Those players who maybe came into the game after the boom in Newcastle may not have seen his success at local level, but when the old Stanley held there weekly £50.00 re buys and monthly £100.00 re buys he was the man to beat. I reckon he took more out of them games than any other player.
The one down side to Steve is his unwilling less to travel nationally. His poker data base is like stop start or here and there.
Steve showed his ability was not just live play as he adapted to Internet poker winning the poker million on stars then the following week coming second.
Steve is one of only a few north east players who have cashed at the wsop when in 2005 he finished 6Th in the $5000.00 pot limit event, one of only two players from the north east to make a wsop final table
His poker data base shows a career record of over $340.000 in winnings which coupled with his annual wages from the north east makes him my number 1 north east player.

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