Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My sons called jason (part two)

Well day two soon came round and I found my 46k was in the top twenty of chips.Forty seven players remained to fight it out for the title of Teeside champ. My mates Howey, Dave maudlin & John Bowsfield had all made day two so loads of freindly banter and hopefully one of us could come good.
Only one local on my table just the way I like it as it makes you concentrate more when you are trying to gather info.
With blinds of 1000/2000 and a running anti of 500 felt confident and comfortable enter hand 3 of the day.!

My big blind and the button raise to 5.5k small blind in the hand.
I look at my cards ace queen suited. Now I am 99% certain I am ahead so ask how much have u got left.
33.2 he say's
ok I reply I am all in, he instantly calls and flips over KING QUEEN OFF SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I turn over me ace queen the dealer deals the killer king.

Now I pride myself of never moaning at out draws but this is so bad play on his behalf.I ask him if he thought he was ahead and to anger me even more he said no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So you sit for 9 hours to put your self into contention then attempt to commit poker suicide i say crazy call.

I went for a walk after my small blind and button needed to try and turn this round.

When I got back the table was soon split.

My chip stack ended up in the middle with me holding AK versus pocket jacks. No ace or king exit one unhappy chappy

Now anyone who would of done the same play as Mr kq go and sit on the naughty stair.

So overall I think I played to the best of my ability. One minor cash and the disappointment of the main event. Players say to win a comp you have to win your 50/50's so hopefully once I win my 75/25% i should come good.

Howie went on to cash and was so unlucky to get his aces cracked by pocket jacks, horrible game at times.

So the overall cost of teeside £890.00 & a return of £370.00 = a total spend of £520.00.


I have decided to change the way the bets are used in our bankroll. Most weeks I can have about 10 - 20 bets per week. The ammount wager differs depending on odds, value etc. So to minimize the ammount posted on the blog about football I am only going to use the major bets (i.e) the ones where I am doing a full research and are confident that they will move our bankroll f/ward. So most weeks there will be only upto 5 bets ,and some weeks even less. Any other bets I will keep separate. Guess you can call them me naps.
As a example last night I was on Newcastle v W Brom.
Tonight I am on Bayern Munich for the bankroll, I have also got on Everton but this is not from the bank roll.
After a long discussion with my mentor on Football betting & bankroll management I have decided to wager upto 10% of our bankroll profit on our bets. So as a example we started with 10k we now have 13k our bet on bayern munich tonight would be upto 10% of our 3k profit = £300.00.
This will allow us to hopefully grow the bankroll on a slower but more successful formula. It certainly is the right way to grow a bankroll and maybe will teach people the correct discipline required.
I will continue to post my selections on facebook comments page but do not take em as tips.

As a footnote the % wagered for tonight on Bayern Munich is 5% of our profit.


I have been able to put in a few hours trading recently which has proved rewarding.
For a total of 12 hours i have returned £450.00 .

Now our bankroll position.



CASH GAMES £360.00

SPORTS Zero no bets placed

BALANCE £15,147.00.

So our bankroll has grew in 11 weeks by £5147.00 which is a lot quicker than I anticipated.
However with only 2 festivals played Bolton & Teeside we have no expense of note.

Blackpool is fast approaching & I have to make a decision of weather to play the main event. I am defo playing the £200 & £300 comps and hope to play a couple of super sats for the main event.

Now I am back on track my blog will be done most Sundays or Mondays.

If anyone wants to link there blog to mine please feel free the more the merrier i say, just don't ask me to do it as I do not have a clue how to do it.

Finally next week I am going to add a feature which will be of interest to poker players esspecially north east players so tune in next week


Monday, October 27, 2008

My son;s called jason and was born on the fourth.

Well Teeside approached and the Gala poker tour was in town and at my local casino.
Last year I finished 4th in the main event and any chance to get near that would be much appreciated.

£100 freeze out.
Event no1 attracted a sell out 110 runners and as anyone who has played any of the side events on the gala tour would realize that the structure is fast and furious. This was a non event for me. Once my pocket kings got cracked it was down hill all the way and I exited quite quickly.
Straight over to the hold em cash game & in less than 2 hours later I turned a £100.00 into £460.00. Wanting to stay fresh a quick bite to eat and a early night think was the best strategy with hopefully a few busy days ahead.

£200.00 freezeout.

Started this event quite well. Doubled up in the 2nd level with aces v queens on a ten high board. Armed with chips it was quite easy to bully and manouver through the numbers towards the final 25. They say in marathons you hit the preverbial wall at about 18 - 20 miles, well for me it seems in poker my wall is at about 18 runners. From sitting at about average and down to tables I could just not get a playable hand

I swear if 8 3 were aces I would be retired and living in luxury with £10.00 tourny players tending the grounds and fanning me with palm leaves when it gets a bit to hot.
I managed to survive down to 15 players when in the small blind i flat called with 4 5 hitting the bottom straight and getting a much needed double up from a guy who missed his flush and top straight draw.Still low I progressed to 11th place before exiting when my 9 10 all in got called by king ten. The person holding k 10 had just doubled up in the previous hand and it is a good move to make if he is on the big blind as i think he feels like "i,ve just got these chips don,t want to give em back". However not in this case. The comp paid thirteen prizes so collected £370.00 for my efforts.
I did have %10 of the eventuall winner but will keep that seperate from our bankroll.
Over all was pleased the way I played, but have to get over this wall malaki. Not quite sure why it has happening so frequently this year. I have never played just to cash in a comp I feel even at 20 places out I am always trying to win the damm thing so don,t think that is the case, maybe it is just the poker gods having fun?


Made the delibarate decision to play the Saturday rather than the Friday as a day of rest in between comps would only do better than good.
Nice and refreshed I sat at my table and found a few locals Richard Baker Sunderlands Mr angry among others.
I accually sat down 5 mins late once i knew Mr angry was at my table as I wanted to see his reaction when i seated.
Got the perfect reaction "oh no i cant win a 50/50 against you"
Cheers m8 I know who,s big blind I will be knicking if I need to.
As it happens there were no major clashes between us but not for the want of trying on my behalf.
Early doors i played very tight. I lost a couple of races and a few moves did not come off. I had played me chip stack to about 6500 from a starting stack of 10,000 but was not unduely worried.
Steven Lui got moved to the table and i played my pocket jj's to perfection which along with a few other hands got me upto 11k.
Then the following hand occurred.
Blind v blind me be the small blind and holding ace 5 of hearts i flat called the big blind did not raise.
The flop 3 3 king two hearts, i bet out 900 and the player done the old hollywood act which let me know that he indeed had a 3, as did every one else on the table.
After his oscar winning performance he eventually called.
The turn a magic heart great the only danger was to avoid the full house.#
I checked he bet i just flat called.
The river had no bearing to my hand i just had to hope he had not hit a house, i checked he bet 3k. I had 2900 left if i called and lost the hand. Obviously i just called he had a three and no house phew.
I think this was the best option here, i knew if i pushed all in on the river he would call but did not want to put my tourney life on the line.
Any way 2900 chips would have bought the contingency plan in to action mmmmmmm mr angrys blinds

Now comftable in chips & slightly above average i could afford to sit back and enjoy the show
And what a show.
This is the hand that i witnessed on my table.
Mister trip three,s the went on a roll. Hand after hand kings v queens etc he is now sitting with 45k.
A smashing guy but you know the type any two cards.Anyway a bit of bad feeling develops between him and Richard after he stays in with bottom pair a four i think hits his two pair on the river and takes a few chips of richard.
Now richard does not take this likely and soon as it is mr trips big blind he raises, everyone passes richard asks mr chips u gunna call this time with crap.
Mr trips replys well i have the chips why not, he calls
Flop 6J6
Mr trips bets 1k and richard raises to 2k, mr trips reraises to 4k and richard exclaims i am sick of this i am all in.
Mr trips announces call.
On there backs...
QQ for mr tripps and...


Turn a QUEEN, river...

What a way to go out.

Told the dealer he was a very lucky guy. When he asked why i replied if that had happened to Mr angry you would of been thirty foot from here with a poker table embedded in your head. Mr angry would of been in Durham getting outdrawn off the jails Mr lucky bastard and having to bend over for another forfit.!!!

Not long after that hand I moved tables and now holding 21k in chips well above the average.
My first hand I wake up and see pocket queens. With blinds of 300/600 I make it 2600 to go, the big blind thinks then calls.Flop q j 8 rainbow, blind checks and I decide to continue bet 2600 to disquise my hand. Also the board is good for my hand but a bit dangerous as any card above a 9 to fill in the gaps would put me in a situation where I would not be sure where I am.
The big blind called, the turn came a 9, so now the board shows qj89, this is geting scary. The big blind checks and I put in 4200 into the ever growing pot. The big blind announces "all in" 10.4 k more!. Now once analysing his possible holdings the only cards that he could have were 10 k which would give him a straight. Having had ni info on the guy I just had to hope that he had not called a raise with k 10 suited.
After a long think I guessed he had flopped a set of jacks or 8,s and I was ahead.
I called he flipped over trip 9,s, he had stayed in the pot for a middle pin 10 but ended up with trips on the turn. River a blank so now my stack had grown to over double the chip average.
The table was very aggressive and it was so hard to gather any chips a combination of no decent hands and two chipped up young ones trying to beat up each other.
Eventually my 40+ k dwindelled to 20 as the table split.
Now into the last hour of play I desperatly needed a double up quick.Enter the monster hand of J4.
As most of you know MY SON IS CALLED JASON AND WAS BORN ON THE 4TH. So j4 has become a novelty hand for me. It is fantastic in a £10.00 rebuy when you have no chips J4 i,m all in baby.
However this was no £10.00 rebuy comp and was not a hand I was gunna use to double up.
The hand played like this.Button flat called, James keys in the small blind made it up me with J4 in the big blind checked.
Flop ace 7 4
ALL check
Turn JACK hey ho 2 pair
I bet out 5k and the button puts me all in,small blind scarpers i call on there backs, he turns over two pair ace 7.
The dealer is just about to deal the river when i stop him and tell my opponent he is beat.My son is called jason he was born on the fourth this is my favourite hand and it never lets me down. He looked at me as if I was completly bonkers but turned a whiter shade of pale when the dealer turned a FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finished day one with a above average 46k


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yorkshire Pudding

Well first of all sorry for the delay I have had so much going on I have had to let slip the blog. I have had so much on that even poker has had to take a back seat.
Since my last blog I have only played 3 comps 1 early exit, 1 12th place and one equal split. The equal split earned me £900.00 which was in last Fridays comp at Teesside.

Earlier in the day I had a long discussion with my friend over how I think my game had changed. I had mentioned this in an earlier blog that I had lost the hunger a bit. So throughout the discussion it was reminded to me about what the smaller comps mean. They pay the costs of travel and entry fees into larger events and help with the expense.

I made the comment in the conversation to go back to what I think is my strengths. Chip building and being in the situation where my opponents were not sure where they were in most hands.
I have had the ability to play the player which is a large part of my game but I think this has been put to the background through out the summer as I played the cards, trying to grind out a win.
So it was b to b, Back to Basics. No re buys or top ups & to be honest always in a good position chip wise. Result £890.00 profit.

On Sunday I travelled down to Huddersfield for a £50.00 re buy. This was the first £50.00 re buy at a brand new casino. Looking at the numbers for the comps mid week it was hopefully going to be a well attended event. With a catchment area of Yorkshire, Manchester etc it certainly had potential.
Result 20 players, smashing!
Ah well lets make it a £100.00 f/out I suggested which was eagerly agreed by all. Three prizes of £1000 £600 & £400.
Five hours later and 5 players left and me lowest chips someone who had travelled further than me suggested an even split of £400 each, all agreed.
I snapped there hand off. Got on me horse and galloped back to Teesside as quick as old Trigger would gallop.

Huddersfield neigh lad!

I do apologize for this blog being short and sweet but time is of the essence.
So I am going to end it there and do a full financial update this coming Friday the 22nd.
Finally this week is Teesside gala festival week. Last years winner Colin Pearson will be doing his damdest to defend his crown while 139 hopefuls will be doing the best to win it.
So next Sundays/Mondays blog will be all about Teesside. Hopefully some interesting hands will come up that I can discuss. I will have my eyes and ears open for any strange and funny situations that may arise, so be on yer best behaviour or you may find yourself on here.
Until Friday L8

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bloody Partck.


Well after recovering from jet lag I ventured down to Teeside on Tuesday for the weekly £50.00 freeze out.

Arriving slightly later than planned I was pleasantly surprised to see 50 odd runners.
Sitting down at my table there were quite a few decent stacks so really had my work cut out.
A hand came up that got me a good triple up, holding A 10 clubs I called a raise along with 2 other players. A nine high flop with 2 clubs & me first to act I checked to the raiser who came out betting. The 2 other players both called which generated an instant all in for me for a few chips more than the initial raise. An ace on the turn secured the pot outdrawing the pocket queens held by the original raiser. Goldenballs strikes again.

I finished the double chance period with 11k in chips with an average of 7k so not to bad of a position.
A few people who read this blog told me I have to put this hand/ situation into the blog, so not wanting to disappoint here goes.

As regulars at Teeside all know our weekly comps are all self dealt. With the dealer being knocked out on the previous hand a volunteer offered to deal once the blinds had passed through the dealers spot. I offered to deal as I was in the blind. With blinds of 1oo/200 first position raises to 800. He gets two callers and it comes round to me to act. I look at my cards & stare down at two wonderful black aces, lovely jubbly. I raise it up to 1900 not wanting to price the original raiser out, he instant calls. One of the original callers goes all in for a few more.
The other caller calls so now I make it up, a nice healthy pot here now.
A flop of 774 rainbow & me first to act. I come out betting 2500 and the original raiser re raises to 5k, the other players pushes his remaining 1200 into the middle. Now I am all in. The original raiser calls on there backs qq for my opponent. Result scooooop, not bad for my first dealt hand!!!!!!!!!!!1
Another goldenballs moment!!!
Any one fancy a heads up match, I will deal!!!!!!!!

To keep things short, I made the final without too many problems and soon found myself in a 3 way battle. After an hour of three handed play we lost one which put me in a heads up situation against young Martin Turnbull. I was looking forward to this as I really admire Martins game and felt it would be a good challenge. Unfortunately it was all over in 3 hands. Martins full house walking into my Quad sixes. Martin was unlucky a hand he defo could not get away from.
So a nice outright win of £900.00 which after the entry fee results in £845.00 profit. Maybe that week away in hurricane alley was more beneficial than I realized. This is my 3rd consecutive final so on this form maybe a place in Neil Channings hit squad could be on the cards?

Friday played the £10.00 re buy. Total spend £80.00. Not much of interest here, called an “all in” holding 7-7 really hoping to be in a 50/50 spot here but was way behind, my opponent holding of pocket tens. This did not take me out but left me in bad shape. Struggled on finally exiting in about 25th place.

Cash games.

Played a little hold game at Teesside on Friday no winnings here dropping £180.00 in 2 hours. The 2 major hands AQ twice and qq all walked into bigger hands. Sticking to my 3am rule exited, kicked the cat and headed home.
In summary Friday was a bad day at the office. However I can’t complain as it is my first losing session since the bankroll started.

Sports/Football betting.

This week had a very good run starting Tues. I also had my eye on a football bet on Saturday which was going to be my first football bet off my own money this season & only my 3rd bet of the year. For sports betting purposes the year starts on the opening day of the football season.
Our first bet was on
VILLAREAL v Celtic £200.00 at 1.48 won profit £96.00

Shaktarr v BARCELONA £200.00 at 1.82 won profit £164.00

ATLETICO MADRID v Marseille £200.00 at 1.74 won profit £148.00

F.C Zurich v A.C MILAN £100.00 at 1.89 won profit £89.00

So after the midweek games we were showing a profit of £497.00 going into the weekend just in time for my great bet the first of the season.

Just before I post the bet details let me lead you up to the situation. The bet in question was to back Partick at home to Dundee. I had my eye on this fixture for 2 weeks. Dundee who are the Scottish version of Newcastle, a club in crisis. Fans up in arms, boardroom and manager problems and to further add value to our bet Dundee had an injury list as long as a horse’s tail.
Partick the team who took Rangers into extra time had scored an average of 3 goals per game, unbeaten in there last 3 games. Then the odds Partick 11/8 to win fantastic value.

Then on Friday two of the betting forums I visit picked this bet as the value bet of the day!!!

So £300.00 of our bankroll on Partick


No return nada, zilch nothing.

A £100.00 on Reading at least gives us some comfort as they ran out comfy 4-0 winners and returned us £61.00 profit.
It is worth noting that I also had a large lumper of me own pennies on Partick, partly financed by a buy money bet on Friday AK Alkmaar , but still a backwards step.
I did mention Partick to a few people so if you placed a bet on my advice YOU ARE STUPID as warned in a previous blog.
No bets on Sunday so are bankroll finishes as below

Previous balance. £13,219.00
Poker profit. +£780.00
Cash games.-£180.00
Betting +£258.00

Last week I asked for some response from you to a purpose of the bankroll. A few replies favouring taking whatever profit the bankroll is to the World Series next year but need more replies.

On a brighter note would like to take this opportunity to tell you all some happy news. Me Howie & Michelle are going to have a baby.
Seriously though I am sure you will all join me and wish the happy couple all the best.

Either next week or the week after I am going to bring a new feature to this blog which will be of interest to all poker players from the North East.
As a footnote I have spent the best part of the week trying to add a hit counter to this blog to no avail. So to all whom I have harassed sorry. I now have Harry Potter on the case though

As a footnote thanks to Brett & Adam for the help with all things computering.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free bet part 2 (blog no 6)

Well after a week away in the sun and rain thought i would do a quick update to bring our blog uo to date and explain the title "Free bet"

I placed £900.00 on Chelsea versus Bordauex at 1/3 on ,a defo buying money bet

Chelsea won easily which gave us a £300.00 profit to play with for the rest of the week.

I do not recommend this strategy as it is very risky long term. I got bit with this type of bet last season when Real Madrid failed to win there home game against the bottom team who had not won an away game all season. A 1-1 draw proved hurtful 3k down the swanee ouch.
Anyway with C helsea providing our bank roll I placed £200.00 on Man Utd to beat Villereal at odds of 1.64. The thinking was Man Utd after there loss to Liverpool the previous weekend would come out all guns blazing. I felt the odds were wrong for Man Utd so thought it was a good bet. Man Utd failed to fire any bullets and a draw killed our bet.

The same night I placed the remaining £100.00 on our good friends QPR to beat Southampton at Odds of 1.77 which bared fruition giving us £177.00 going into Thursday.

Thursday two bets were placed on British teams in the EUFA cup. A £100.00 on Portsmouth & £76.00 on Man City. Both were successful which returned a £118.00 profit.

Then over to the 2nd best bet of the bankroll so far the first being Federer v Murray. £300.0 was placed of our bankroll was deposited on USA to beat Europe in the Ryder cup at odds of 2.64 (11/8).

I have done a lot of research into this over many months and was as confident as I have ever been about any sports bet I have placed. I had a lot of info on this match and spent many man hours on golf sites, cnn facts and figures absorbing every little snippet.

The reason being I had the largest bet on USA to win that I have ever placed in 5 years of sports betting. Sometimes you plan in your head how you think things will turn out and I hoped/wished & dreamed that after the first day the USA would be leading and I would be in a position to lay it off for a guaranteed profit. This is exactly what happened so took the option to take nearly 2k profit rather than let it run especially as I would not be here to watch over the bet.
However if I had let it run I would of been nearly 20k better off but my intention was to hopefully be in a good position to trade. Obviously our separate bankroll bet of £200.00 ran its course and returned a £402.00 profit for us.
Before I jetted of into the sun and rain I left a £200.00 bet on Spurs v Wigan which was a losing bet.
So overall our sports betting returned a £796.00 profit for the week. A nice wage all earned from our “free money” bet on Chelsea.

As the bankroll grows hopefully we will soon have to alter the betting amount strategy to fall in with the guide lines set out in successful sports betting strategies which dictates a maximum 5% risk of bankroll on any bet. At the moment we are well within those guide lines but the larger the bankroll the more we have to protect it.
The strategy I am soon to use is the one that let me turn £1000.00 into 12k in 2 years when I used it a few years ago but more when that time arrives.
I do where possible try to post info on my bets on face book “Paul is...” section but please do not take these as tips surely no one is that foolish!!!!

So to update our bankroll. Our previous balance was £12,322.00


BETTING £796.00


This brings our total bankroll up to £13,219.00.

Certainly moving in the right direction,but remember we have had no large entry fee,s for tournaments but there are a couple looming on the horizon but we are well placed to afford the costs.

I was asked this week "is there any purpose to the bankroll" . To be honest I had never really thought about it so now comes the interactive bit. Please feel free to think about where we want to take this and could we maybe use it as a goal. Using the start of next years football season as the end of year one what should our aim be.

Some suggestions are get it up to 20k and use 5k to enter a wpt or similar event. Another is what ever the profit at the start of next years wsop use the profit to enter as many wsop events as the profit allows.

So over to you please send your suggestions via the comments feature on this blog site or message me via facebook and we will see what the most popular suggestions are. This will also let me know how many people read this.

So we are now up to date and back to normality. So find out next Monday if a week in the sun & rain has done more harm than good


p.s thanks for the comments so far they are appreciated.